Medsoft® is the result of more than 10 years experience specialized in health systems development. This development was oriented by MD themselves, aiming a medical platform, instead of a simple software. The innovative vision focused in help doctors of several specialities. It’s certain that you will to find inside the Medsoft® Modules answers to their real needs. The result of this work is a platform that distinguishes itself by the information safety, easiness of use, complete electronic medical record system and office management.
• Time Gain: considereable time gain without loss in care quality, through easy assistants for prescriptions, test orders, use of checklists and lots of other resources created to speed up the attendance and maximize the quality.
• Fastness: Improve the communication of the departments inside the medical center, giving to the patient a perception of unit, professionalism and patient care.
• Standardization: Makes all the attendance inside the medical center standard but keeping and respecting the characteristics and particularities of each professional.
• Safety: give safeness for the medical professional and for the patient using the electronic medical record to keep track of prescriptions administrated, create complete administration instructions and standardized approach. Generate medical alerts obtained from the medical history, consistent orientations, declarations, authorizations, and consent terms directly record in the patient’s electronic medical record.
• Keep Track: Use the Electronic Medical Record to keep track of your patient, access complete data information through 1-click, containing the complete medical historic with the tests, prescriptions, medical history, progess notes and personalized synopses. Separate the data by dates.
• Billing: Bill the health insurances direct from the system, in the electronic claim file generated using data created during the attendance without rework or third part work in retype the patient’s records , minimizing mistakes besides improving the length of time spent for billing the payers..
• Easeness: Users quick learning. Users with a little experience in computers are able to work without any difficult. More experience users are able to obtain performance and time gain with the Medsoft® use.

General Resources

Eletronical Medical Records

  • Unique and intuitive interface.
  • Custom toolbar creation that allows shortcuts for the most common actions.
  • Hierarchy data organization.
  • Global view of the system modules and resources, records and details.
  • User fast learning.
  • Modules and registers are accessed from the same point, with standard interface.

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  • Allows the creation and use the multiples Organizers for professionals or beds (in the ward, ultrasound equipment or surgery suite).
  • One person alone can comfortably deal with several Organizers at the same time.
  • The Organizerís features were designed to improve the billing process. In the Organizer is possible to enter the medical procedures and fees, for each appointment and for each patient, generating data to the financial.
  • Besides you have right at your hands an overview of the waiting room, being able to visualize which patients are waiting, for how long they have been waiting and then being able to determine which one goes is the next.
  • Control the patientís waiting time, for an differentiation in the allocated time when creating a new appointment.
  • Manage how long each appointment lasts, statistics of appointments created based on the waiting time for the treatment.
  • Create tasks and follow its progress.
  • Use Address Book for patients and personal contacts, together or independently.
  • Fast access to the patient file and to the patient console direct from the Organizer.

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Patient Console

  • Fast and ease to create, change or delete documents as medical history forms, declarations, prescriptions, test orders, progress notes, SOAPs, quotes, checklists and any other type of the document that you might need.
  • See general synopsis and specific for any medical speciality.
  • Attend multiples patients simultaneously.
  • Visualize your schedule.
  • Visualize, edit and compare test results.
  • Visualize the list of prescribed medications.
  • DSet next appointment dates.

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Custom Documents

  • Custom Documents pattern: WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get Ė what you see in your screen is what you get when you print them), like using Microsoft Word.
  • All the documents are Documents stored in a unique and centralized repository that can be accessed from any system workstation from inside of the medical center or even over the internet.
  • The access to the documents is restricted through the access rules using the RAD Ė Data Access Rules which are a set of rules aiming to guarantee safety and privacy of the information inside the system.
  • Safety in providing information from the patient to the health professional. Keep track of complete instructions given to the patient using the electronic medical record.
  • All the document safeness is guaranteed by a full system of internal auditory resources that avoids updates or violations against documents already created.
  • Allows the use of formulas and calculated fields insides the documents (i.e: IMC calculation, probable delivery date, pregnancy age among others).
  • Exchange information between documents to generate statistic data or provide information to other documents when needed in the medical work reality
  • Layout Models allows the custom documents to be personalized under the medical center unique format.
  • Templates and text entering resourcs allow users with little computer experience to use the system easily. More experienced users will show great performance and save time entering the information.
  • Integrate the Excel Sheets, Word documents, data viewers, multimedia and images and just one system.

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Prescription Assistants

This is a very powerful tool in order to gain time and improve quality in the information given to the patient.

  • Register the tests and medications most common prescribed and use them with just one click.
  • Orientations and portfolios.

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  • You can have several administration instructions for the same medication.
  • Change among the administration instruction from the prescription using just one click.
  • Equations for the dose administration calculation based on the weight, height and/or the patient age.
  • Give to the patient a complete and clear calendar with date and time of the drug administration redered directly inside the prescription.
  • Create a standardized way of prescribing medication in your medical center, even if you have different professionals.
  • Create custom instructions for the medicine administration for each professional or specialty.

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Administration Instructions

  • Unique and Intuitive Interface.
  • Create a customizable toolbar that allows you to add shortcuts to the most common actions used in the system.
  • Hierarchical data organization.
  • Fast and intuitive learning over the use of system resources.
  • Modules and records are accessed from the same place with the same standardized interface.

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  • Control receivable accounts from health insurances and partnerships with public and private companies.
  • Pay remuneration to the medical center professionals as a fixed or percentage value, with different settings for each procedure and covenant.
  • Medical Procedure Lists and Fee Lists.
  • Send electronically to health insurances, easily and without re-typing or rework.
  • Productivity and profitability reports, by agreement, professional or procedure.
  • Full integration with the Organizer, making even faster the patient registration process and billing procedures.
  • Control several medical center at the same time.

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  • Inventory control with fractional units (i.e: in a box with 10 tablets and 1 tablet comes out, you keep control of the 9 left).
  • Control the inventory and expiration dates of drugs using barcode.
  • Input and output by barcode. Barcode generation including the product and quantity of fractionated output.
  • Pre-assembled control medication kits. Think about a mobile stock place.
  • Inventory control in the wards, in the emergency room and pharmacy.
  • General Balance by the manufacturer, batch or stock (general inventory for: pharmacies, wards, kits or emergency kits).
  • Substitutos do medicamento por similaridade e para faturamento.
  • Medication substitutes by similarity, by active principle or by action. This resources are integrated with billing system. No matter what the physician prescribe, what is given to the patient and what it charged, are independent entries, although smoothly controlled by the substitution resources.
  • Analysis of materials, medications and fees commonly applied in the operating rooms, wards, nursing stations .

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  • Image Capture: Capture of still frames or any movies like: ultrasound, colposcopes, webcams, ultrasound, endoscopes, microscopes, etc...
  • Those captured images can be integrated inside documents, patientís albums, generate CDs/DVDs for further tests or simple for the patientís personal file.

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  • DAR Ė Data Access Rule. Each professional is the owner of his/her records, just like customers (patients) and documents. Each user can allow or hide these records to and from the other professionals.
  • Complete Audit. Who did what for each single record in the system. Versioning mode and blocking mode of records.
  • Control over the system modules access, like financial, inventory, electronic medical record and patient files.
  • Integrate security to Windows Server.
  • Central repository on Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 Database, known as a category 5 by the US Department of Defense, providing the maximum information security.
  • Periodic and automatic backups defined by the user with automatic recording on DVD-RW or transfer to to our servers (this is a service not included with MedSoft® .

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Complete content lists.
ICD 9 and 10.
Medical Fee Lists: CPT
Drug lists.